So big S/O to my friend Lily that introduced me to this nugget of joy! Roosevelt Island, is seriously the most peaceful place in Manahattan! We also happened to find a “secret spot” with this gorgeous view…

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Divorcées Sell Off Designer Bags, Fashions


Newly single women will descend on the Mondrian Soho hotel in New York this weekend for The Divorcée Sale in order to liquidate designer bags, baubles and fashions from their once-married lives.

NBA Lockout Still Stands

NBA cancels 43 preseason games; training camps are also off the calendar. 

Missoni for Target Available On eBay - $31,000

Missoni for Target was a success, as expected, who doesn’t love Missoni?  Although the line’s popular items are out of stock in Target stores, you can still find some Missoni for Target pieces on eBay.  What’s the catch?  The price, of course.  CNN Money reported that there are currently a pair of Missoni rain boots going for $31,000.  The original retail value? $34.99.  The seller explained the reasoning behind the price:  it will cover her daughter’s first year of college tuition.  

I truly hope that someone doesn’t buy these boots worth a year of college tuition!  That’s insane!  Even Margherita Missoni responded to the absurd reselling price hike of Missoni for Target!  ”You guys! Very silly to buy #missonifortarget on ebay for 3 times the price!! For that money go out and get M Missoni!” she tweeted.

Seriously!  Want to dish out cash?  Buy it from the store!  What do you think?  Do you think someone will buy these $31,000 rain boots?

Versace - Milan Fashion Week.  Studs and leather, always a hit!

“Favorite Versace look! studs and leather.” - @WmagKarla
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Versace - Milan Fashion Week.  Studs and leather, always a hit!


“Favorite Versace look! studs and leather.” - @WmagKarla

Follow W editors’ on Twitter and Tumblr for ongoing Spring/Summer 2012 coverage.

Tyrese & Rev. Run School Us on Manology

I just got word that Tyrese and Rev. Run (from Run DMC) just signed a book deal with Simon & Shuster for their promised book:  Manology.  Some time ago Rev. Run tweeted that Tyrese and himself would be releasing a book that will allow women into the mind of a man.  Since that announcement, both Tyrese and the Reverend have been tweeting ‘manology’ tips followed by the hashtag #manology.  Check them out on Twitter if you get a chance; I have to say, some of the tips are pretty good!

Congrats to the Manology duo.  

I am breathing. I am living. I am blessed.

It’s OK to Have the Blues This Fall

Dior recently introduced us to their latest fall trend:  blue nail polish colors.  Their Blue Tie Die collection consists of three new polishes; two blues and one beige.  This fall, dark blues are ‘in’ and I’m excited for my next mani/pedi.  Who else plans on embracing the blues with me?

Check it out!

Rihanna Gets another Tattoo

Rihanna was spotted in Brazil with a new tattoo, can you guess what it is?  I surely never would have imagined.  It seems that ‘RiRi’ has been inspired by the late Tupac; rumor has it her newest ink reads ‘thug life’ across her knuckles.  I’m really hoping this tattoo is drawn on…it could be, right?  What do you think?

Troy Davis Dies at 11:08pm, September 21, 2011

On my way home from class tonight, Troy Davis’ life was coming to an end.  I admit that I did not follow his case as closely as I probably should have; however, as a person who is against the death penalty I cannot agree with sentencing this man to death.  It is my belief that no one but our Creator has the power to take one’s life.  The most startling thing to me about what I do know regarding the Davis case is that doubt was present.  How can anyone take a human life and not have specific, detailed proof?  This life will never return!  It baffles me.  America:  We need to do better.

"We have spiraled into a revenge culture, thinking that the only way to reach closure in our lives is by hurting others" - Russell Simmons on Troy Davis’ death

RIP Troy Davis, RIP Officer MacPhail